Let's talk about how you might be prevented from reaching your business goals if you do not encourage your creativity. Being resistant is one thing that could prevent you from reaching your goals. You could face fear, envy, negative self-talk, and "helpful" comments from friends. But eventually to overcome resistance, you need to follow your own intuition. However, I am confident that you can think of reasons why you shouldn't try a new business idea or product. Most of the time you might not believe that it would be reasonable. You see there that's resistance. To overcome resistance you need to rely on your intuition, your belief that you know what's best for your company. Being creative can help you overcome that resistance.

You are a small business owner or self -employed person and you have the advantage of being nimble enough to quickly respond to shifts in the marketplace. But what direction should you choose? You need to prepare for the next new product or service that will create new customers in the future.

That's why it helps for small business owners to network or connect with like-minded people and discuss issues that concern them to help them be more creative and being in a mastermind group with like minded business personnel you will get that opportunity to being more creative that would benefit your business.

Remember creativity & being in a mastermind group helps you:

1) Determine your company vision and purpose

2)Find new niches and product ideas

3) Increase your productivity

4) Balance your work/home life

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