If you think grilling is hard work then maybe you've never cooked on a...

If you think grilling is hard work then maybe you've never cooked on a Weber grill before. Weber gas grills make grilling and outdoor cooking fun and easy. A Weber grill does not have to cost a lot of money, either. The Weber Genesis E310 Liquid Propane Gas Grill is amazingly affordable.

Genesis gas grills by Weber may not be their top of the line model but these grills will last you at least a decade. Like other Weber grills the Genesis E-310 provides uniform heating and cooking. Although they are a bit more expensive than the competition in the same range, buying a Weber grill is a long term investment. And if you can get them at a discount, a Weber grill may come out cheaper than other brands.

Product Features Weber Genesis E310

You can't buy a better grill at this price range. The Weber Genesis E310 is the most basic model for the very popular Genesis series.

It is a basic grill without all the bells and whistles but it comes with quality construction and design.

This grill will allow you to cook food easily without any hassle.

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If you don't need a sear burner or a side burner, you should consider buying this model.

Firebox and Burners:

The firebox has an efficient design that retains heat. This makes it feasible to use only three burners to deliver the heat needed to reach the optimum grilling temperatures. The design translates to greater fuel efficiency. You can grill hot and fast, or you can do low, indirect grilling.

The new version of the Weber Genesis E310 has redesigned the orientation of the burners. They now run perpendicular to the front of the grill. The control knobs which used to be located on the right side table are now placed in front.

Convenient Cooking:

Many people find the new design more convenient. With the control knobs in front, the right side table now provides more work space. Also, the burner position allows you to arrange the foods you are cooking from left to right instead of front to back. With the individual controls for each burner, you can cook meats, fish and vegetables at different temperatures.

Cooking Grates:

The cooking grates on Weber Genesis E310 are made of durable porcelain coated cast iron bars. They can get to a nice, high heat to give your grilled foods those beautiful, delicious-looking sear marks. Food does not stick to the cooking grates and the grates are easy to clean up.

Flavorizer Bars:

The flavorizer bars serve the dual purpose of vaporizing fat and meat juices to prevent flare-ups and imparting a smoky flavor to grilled meats. The Weber Genesis E310 uses porcelain-coated flavorizer bars.

Work Area:

Two side tables provide ample space for food preparation. You can also set a plate on the side table to hold cooked foods. Unlike the previous version of the Weber Genesis E310 where the controls knobs we're located on the right side table, the 2011 version has the knobs in front of the grill. This frees up the entire right side table for your work area.

Enclosed Cart:

The enclosed cart under the grill serves as a storage space for the propane gas tank. It can also be used for storing seasonings, dishes, grilling utensils, etc.

Good Points:


    • Efficient design


    • Fast and even cooking


    • Solid construction


    • Convenient, easy to use and clean up


Weak Points:


    • Uses mix grades of stainless steel


    • Takes longer to pre-heat


What Customers Say About Weber Genesis E310:

When it comes to grills customers are all praises for Weber grills, and that includes the Genesis E310 liquid propane gas grill . First time owners of Weber grills say that they now know why these grills come highly recommended. In the case of the Weber Genesis E-310, the grill heats up very quickly and cooks food evenly. The food that comes out of the grill is juicy, tasty, and perfectly cooked.

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