While I was writing my last post

While I was writing my last post aboutBlueberries For Salby Robert McCloskey the opening line fromJamberrykept running through my heard, "One berry, two berry, pick me a blueberry". I readJamberryso many time to my children that I can still recite most of it from memory.

A berry loving bear invites a boy to go berry picking with him. They go for a canoe ride and discover a berry adventure around every turn until they end up "buried in berries".

This is a great laptime read for toddlers and younger preschoolers because the rhythms are bouncy and fun and the illustrations are full of berrylicious things to look at. I especially like the way that Bruce Degan foreshadows the next section by adding a character or an item from the next berry discovery to the current page. Linger over the illustrations, there are so many yummy things to see.

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I combined the laptime and story circle activities because I would use these activities in both areas.

1. Toast Jamboree! - All you need is a toaster (preferably one that stays cool on the outside), bread, plastic knives for spreading, and jams made out of the berries listed in the story. Toast slices of bread and cut into fourths. Let the children spread a different jam on each slice. Be sure and discuss the different colors and tastes of the jams.

2. "Dancing in Meadows of Strawberry Jam" - In the middle of the book the bear and the boy meet up with some ponies and sheep and have a dance. For a fun movement activity, give the children berry colored scarves or streamers, put on some music and dance. Choose instrumental music that is lively, perhaps something Celtic or this is a good chance to introduce your favorite piece of danceable classical music . Whenever you do this kind of movement activity be sure that you have enough room for the kids to spread out. Set the guidelines about where they dance - move in a circle, move across the room, stay in place. Also set the guidelines for when the dancing starts and stops. For example, when the music starts, dance and when the music stops, freeze.

I must give the deserved credit for this article partly to https://glasswing.ca. I actually got the idea for this from something I read up on on their site.

Invaluable Sources

http://cardinalconstruction.ca - Many thanks for the critique. I am just the most horrible speller.
http://dean2016.com - Fantastic page.
https://www.pestcontrolshop.ca - Amongst my favorites.

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