The Secret to Telling Every Story

The secret to telling every story starts with this: realize that all stories begin as unseen, unmanifested potentiality that becomes actuality through intention and devotion.


We don't create anything in the sense that most people think of creating, which is "making something out of nothing". Every story that will ever be told exists already and always has. You may not believe it now, but you likely will at some point. I first ran across the idea in Stephen King's book On Writing.Many artists (myself included) believe that creativity is a mysterious process over which we have no real control. We're more like antennae that, if attuned, can pick up the creative atmosphere. Sound too weird? Consider this: where do thoughts come from?


The artist's mission is to incarnate, give flesh to, the unseen as an act of creation. That is a gift to us, which we get to participate in for it's own sake. Not for money, not for fame, not for pride, but for it's own sake. Will all of those other things come? Maybe or maybe not. It doesn't matter either way.

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Nothing happens until something happens. Yes, thank you, Captain Obvious. Yet, as simple as it sounds, many writers falter here. Intention is the steel stake that you sink deep into the ground then cement into place as a mark of your will. It's not moved by stormy weather, the fickleness of the wind, or the shifting tides. It is a firm and clear and solid choice to move forward and finish no matter what. It's the conviction that you will call those things that are not as though they were until they are.


I used to say "Discipline" in place of "Devotion", but one day I realized it didn't go far enough. Discipline is one facet, sure, but it's concerned with work practices and methods of executing an idea. It's sweat and structure. Devotion, on the other hand, is a way of being in the world. Some might say it's a "calling" or a "destiny". Devotion energizes and animates discipline. It's the Why that enlivens the What and the How.

If all of this sounds metaphysical and a bit spiritual, it's because it is. Creativity, like life itself, is a great mystery that goes way beyond what the eyes can see and the mind can process. 70% of the universe is dark matter, according to scientists. Of the remaining 30%, we have barely scratched the surface of understanding.

Potentiality to actuality through intention and devotion.

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