Using Medical Baskets in Acute Care Facilities

When you have an extended stay at the hospital you will notice the medical supplies that they leave in your room such as the monitor and the drip tray. The computer stations that can be rolled around are very small and prevent the nurses and doctors from having any type of storage space, but with the Point-O-Care Utility basket the paperwork or notebooks can be stored in this basket until needed later.

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This basket attaches to any bars that the computer station has and is used to store all of your folders, papers, notebooks, and any other type of documents that you could use for that room can be placed in this basket. There are many hospitals that already have these baskets attached to their monitors in every room for the purpose of using it for extra documents or the discharge papers that they give to their patients once they are finished with their treatment.

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Posted in Health and Medical Post Date 04/24/2016






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