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I have sat a few times in a clinic surrounded by expectant mothers. Have you noticed how concerned mothers can become about the children in their womb? They fuss over this, and worry about that, all to ensure the health of their babies. While fathers tend to bond with their babies the moment they see them in flesh and blood, mothers seem to begin the bonding process the moment the baby begins to grow in their womb. Their love from day one is so apparent.

Fast forward to the years after Jesus was born. Why was Mary frantically looking for Jesus when he was lost as a boy in the temple? Why was Mary standing next to the cross as her son faced certain death? "Love" drew her close to Jesus. It was the glue that held their relationship together.

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Love and basketball have so much in common. Both involve rebounds. No matter how difficult relationships can become, love is the primary ingredient that can make them rebound.

The second ingredient is "INVOLVEMENT." In Isaiah 66:13, God paints a powerful picture of a mother: "As one whom his mother comforteth, so will I comfort you."

Little Johnny can come home after having fallen in a muddy pool. It does not matter whether he tripped and fell or jumped in on purpose. Mother may be angry for a moment, but you can be rest assured that she will take off his muddy shirt, wash and iron it, and return it to Johnny's cupboard. Involvement of this kind in a relationship can do wonders during it's twists and turns. Involvement encourages the other and brings much needed comfort.

The third ingredient is "FAITH." In 1 Samuel 1, we are introduced to Hannah, the mother of Samuel. She taught her child the ways of God, and consequently, Samuel grew up to be a faithful man of God.

We, as parents, are so interested in developing our children's intelligence, as well as their emotional and spiritual stability. This is well and good, but developing faith is the real challenge. We cannot impart it unless we have it. It cannot be purchased in a local mall, or entrusted to a school curriculum.

Our relationships will not be poorer if we commit our lives, plans, futures, and families to Jesus, making him the center of our faith. Sometimes it feels like we are driving a car into a dense fog when we encounter tough times in a relationship. The fog inhibits our ability to see where we are going. When the future is unclear, it is essential we keep our faith. Faith believes that Jesus is greater than the tough times. Faith anticipates good days ahead.

The last ingredient is "ENERGY." I am always surprised by how a mother can stay up all night (or many nights!) when her child is sick. I watched my mother take care of my father and his business for many years while he was sick in the hospital. The best relationships share a healthy dose of energy. Even when one is tired and weak, energy helps the other take hold of the wheel.





On Mother's Day, I have used the special bond between a mother and her child to highlight the four ingredients ofa good relationship.I believe that these ingredients, however, are important in any relationship. We celebrate mothers on Mother's Day because they demonstrate them oh so well.

I would invite you to think about your relationships. Is there one ingredient that you need to add? Would adding more of a particular ingredient enhance the quality of the relationship you share?

I wish all my readers the very best as we work on enriching our relationships.

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