Blogging The Bloggers OR:

A Vegan Blog Round Up Diversion

Get out your paintbrush. Okay. So. Admitting that you visit about 50 blogs (uh, and counting...) a day either paints you as someone who has their thumb on the pulse of the Vegan blogosphere or is juggling a few social ineptitudes.

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I don't know, you be the judge - beside, I have enough baggage already, the last thing I need is an existential magnifying glass pointed at my forehead - and, well, those things are heavy.

So. I was asked recently: "what and why do certain blogs make it to the roundup?" and "Why are some blogs featured while others are not?"

1. Recipes - this, my dear friends is the whole reason I read blogs. Out there. Hidden just above the froth that is the html and code are delectable treasures created by an assemblage of talented vegan chefs. They inspire me!

2. Ingenuity - daily, I never ceased to be amazed at the awe-inspiring inventiveness of those vegan bloggers who take recipes and flip them on their head to create masterpieces separate from their inspirata.

3. Literary Prowess - some bloggers do nothing but concoct amazing anecdotes; some, do this so well that I can't help but blog about their blogging - in turn creating some peripheral dimension that threatens to destroy us all!

And. Lastly.

4. Food Porn - okay, so, yeah, long gone (at least for me anyway) are the days of "I'm a vegan and look what I ate yesterday" food bloggery - but there are some bloggers that somehow, someway tantalize me with the kind of food pictures that make me drool all over my keyboard.


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