How I did it Start Up

Like a lot of people I always thought I would like to run my own business. My background has not been conventional. 2 children by the age of 21, full time jobs and part time study. I was eager and ambitious.

An employer sponsored Marketing degree acted as a catalyst into corporate life. By the age of 36 I held a position as a Sales and Marketing Director for a Global Company, very much a woman in a mans industry.

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As always success comes at a price. Long hours, stress and 40,000 miles a year. I realised I needed a new life, not a new job but a lifestyle choice.

It was a brave step but my only regret is that I did not do it sooner.

I started Lilac James from the kitchen table. A business support company offering practical Sales, Marketing and PR services. Marketing is mostly common sense but smaller Companies often lose the marketing focus because of day to day pressures. They also can't afford to have someone focusing solely on generating business. Inevitably it gets sidelined.

My aim is to provide Agency quality at small business prices. Small businesses are after all the big Companies of the future. Projects typically include business or marketing plan support, press releases, advertisements, brochures, copywriting and e newsletter generation.

I would advise anyone to use all the help around them. I attended Business Link workshops which we're excellent; as a result I registered as a Business Link Provider for start up businesses. This enables start up businesses to consult with me and Business Link pay the bill.

Local Banks we're also useful and often offer free consultancy with their partners. Dont be persuaded into thinking you need expensive support to incorporate your limited company, buy domain names or set up email systems. All of this is available on line, DIY at a fraction of the cost.

There is also an extensive range of business networking groups locally where support, education and reciprocal business can be found. Get active.

I love my life now. I would not say I work any less but without the travel and the endless meetings I am much more effective. The lack of politics is a revelation.

I have written a 12 point Business Prosperity Plan to assist all Companies in both protecting their current business and planning for growth. This covers everything from cost controls and sales incentives to how to get press coverage in the local media. A free copy may be obtained by emailing

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