COVID-19 Update – Note for Clients

Please do not come to the office if you have flu-like symptoms, or if you have traveled outside of Canada. Please note that reception coverage is limited for the next few days. Please email your psychologist directly; emails can be found on our website.

Please rest assured that we are fully operational, but are simply providing services remotely (telephone, videoconferencing) as much as possible. Our team of psychologists is committed to supporting our clients through these challenging times. Indeed, mental health is more important than ever.

Thank you for your cooperation and patience. Our community will get through this together.

Welcome To Burlington Psychological and Counselling Services (BPCS)


Burlington Psychological and Counselling Services (BPCS) is a clinical psychology practice that offers assessment and treatment services to children, adolescents and adults.  Services are tailored to each client’s unique needs, and range from support for everyday issues to treatment for more significant difficulties.

We are a group of Ph.D. level clinical psychologists with extensive experience in cognitive-behaviour therapy (CBT) treatments for a wide variety of issues.  Some clinicians have additional training in mindfulness and acceptance-oriented treatment approaches. All of our psychologists are registered with the College of Psychologists of Ontario.

CBT is a scientifically validated treatment that has been shown to lead to improved coping skills for a number of different types of problems.  Our primary goal is to help clients achieve personal goals and become more confident in managing their unique areas of difficulty. Counselling is provided in a supportive, confidential and professional environment.

We maintain professional relationships and work collaboratively with Family Physicians, Psychiatrists, Schools and Educational Consultants, Occupational Therapists, Rehabilitation Specialists, and Speech and Language Pathologists. We accept direct referrals from lawyers, WSIB, and disability insurers.

Please contact us if you have any questions not addressed on this website, to further discuss whether our treatments and services are relevant for your specific situation, or to arrange a consultation.  We look forward to the opportunity to assist you and/or your loved ones.

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Here at Burlington PCS we really look at becoming a clinical psychologist quite seriously. All of us fully grasp that truly any time clients are browsing to get a first-rate Burlington based psychologist these people want the greatest. That's why all of us try to be the finest clinical psychologist we can be in Ontario. It truly is our resolve to truly embodying the greatest that has generated us this substantial admiration here with our purchasers.

As a first-rate Burlington based psychologist all of us furthermore invariably strive to take the time to answer every one of our clienteles' inquiries with patience and with absolutely no impatience. We always put in the time. All of us feel it's genuinely critical to guarantee customers really feel recognized and also looked after.

There really are not very many clinical psychologist who maintain the specific skills together with experience to identify their service as a mentor within their industry. Combine that along with a high degree of customer services and we really feel we're the ideal first-rate Burlington based psychologist around Ontario.

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We are happy to discuss all your clinical psychologist questions in greater detail on the phone or by using email if this is best for you personally. From there we can recommend the option which best satisfies your demands. Learn just why folks call us one of the best first-rate Burlington based psychologist!

Continue to Need Enticing? All the Reasons Why Burlington PCS is truly A First-rate Burlington Based Psychologist

Dedication to High-Quality - A First-rate Burlington Based Psychologist and A First-rate Burlington Based Psychologist

Our loyalty to higher quality is actually incredibly excessive. Should you be trying to be a first-rate Burlington based psychologist or a first-rate Burlington based psychologist, there is certainly truly not one other path but to give it your absolute best to stand out. When any given buyer will require additional effort, we all afford this customer added attention. Nearly anything to make certain they will be pleased with us as a clinical psychologist. Please remember, we work in almost all of Ontario, and so please email us.

Commitment - A First-rate Burlington Based Psychologist and A First-rate Burlington Based Psychologist

Our clientele have indeed defined our team as a first-rate Burlington based psychologist, a first-rate Burlington based psychologist, a first-rate Burlington based psychologist and also the top Ontario headquartered clinical psychologist you'll find! Honestly that does not materialise unless there is incredibly hard toil and also persistence for the buyers and the high quality found in your completed work. When you will be shopping for a first-rate Burlington based psychologist, all of us certainly feel we are truly the perfect selection. Simply phone Burlington PCS to speak about your situation now! 905 631 9991.

Understanding - A First-rate Burlington Based Psychologist and A First-rate Burlington Based Psychologist

With any specific niche, expertise is a significant aspect impacting overall results. In case you may be wanting a first-rate Burlington based psychologist, well this point is definitely all the more true. With being a clinical psychologist, all of us will certainly show you firsthand how the end end result is undoubtedly measured from the knowledge of the organization that you have been employing. The undeniably huge degree of practical knowledge that Burlington PCS provides being a first-rate Burlington based psychologist, is certainly why you actually really should invest in all of us for your important patronage. If perhaps you are browsing for a first-rate Burlington based psychologist, think about Burlington PCS. Remember to communicate with us all immediately.

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